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Some women may not be aware when their hymen tears, especially if it does not occur during sexual activity, because it may or may not cause bleeding or discomfort. I was hurt, but not devastated, forgave him and moved on. In many cultures, the presence of a hymen is synonymous with female virginity. I wouldn't want to join them in trying to spread a message of the benefits of abstinence — the decision about when to have sex is a personal choice. That's a view I can sympathise with. Although in many cultures the hymen is seen as a sign of female virginity, it is important to remember that the hymen is an extremely unreliable marker of virginity, as the hymen can break through a wide range of noncoital or nonsexual physical activities. This article was written by Corinne Draper for Kidspot.

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I sometimes wonder whether I would stay a virgin if I was a teenager today.

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Virginity & the Hymen Myth

The hymen has been and continues to be a source of extreme concern in many culturesand even now, many myths regarding the presence of the hymen exist due to ancient cultural traditions and a lack of scientific knowledge. If a female does not bleed on her wedding night, or she is reported as no longer having an intact hymen before her wedding night, she may be beaten or killed by her close family members, usually by her brothers and uncles, and at times by her own father or husband. So, you can't tell if someone is a virgin if they have a hymen. What you may not realise about your child's tantrums. The hymen is a collar of tissue attached to the vaginal wall, not a membrane that covers the entrance of the vagina as many people believe.

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