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Woodstock founder Michael Lang, who co-promoted the latest festival, said he saw no connection between the photos and the reports of sex crimes at Woodstock ' One is a crime, while the other is a form of free expression," he said. When the fires and riots broke out late that night, troopers wearing face masks and carrying billy clubs attacked fans seemingly without provocation, according to festival-goers, Woodstock employees and other eyewitnesses. It appears that these attitudes mirror cultural attitudes of legitimation. Other media by this contributor Clip from Oldboy The photo's caption is a single word:

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The site hosted Woodstock '99's official webcast, and plans call for it to host webcasts of other, unrelated concerts, according to Sumner. Petticoats, fannies, hair in a bun. The article prompted area New York State Police to refer the allegations to their Albany headquarters, where investigators are looking into the claims, according to Lt. A spokesperson for the state police, Glenn Miner, who worked on-site at Woodstock, which took place in Rome, N. In the face of such criticism, MusicNow CEO Rand Bleimeister is re-evaluating the website's use of the photos, which are posted to the site by fans, according to Haley Sumner, a Woodstock.

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